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now that runloop is neat!

made by Moldis



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  • Animating Again (Resize)
  • Author: Moldis
  • Trying to Animate Again
  • Author: Moldis
  • goku vs saitama
  • Author: pivotanimation123
  • d a b
  • Author: zweeble
  • luffy
  • Author: pivotanimation123
  • U6
  • Author: pivotanimation123

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  • I have the power
  • Le poinçonneur -- final
  • Description: Here the final version of my best anim so far. Enjoy.   Redstick's "job" is to check tickets with his device that makes holes in it (the poinçon). Well, it seems that no one currently has a ticket in hand... When the ticket finally appears, his curse is lifted. Redstick dies, and yellow stick becomes the new poinçonneur.   Enjoy.
  • The Ball
  • Description: First animation! only 142 frames of pure epicness :D


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New Swf

The Wall Collab!

Thingy thang


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